On June 9, 2011

Every time I try to stand on my own I will fall.

Such is the danger of becoming too confident in one’s self. You cannot make it on your own, and the moment you try God will surely show up and prove you otherwise.
But how gracious He is to allow you to fall, only to pick you up again.

It is humbling, but a necessary process every man and woman of God goes through. For the Word says:

“He leads the humble in what is right,
and teaches the humble his way.”¬†Psalm 25:9

Anything we go through, both good and bad, that produces humility in us is never an act of punishment but it is the greatest act of love and grace, and a powerful result of forgiveness. God will humble you because He longs to lead you on the right path, and His desire is to teach you His ways.

Seek every opportunity to lay down pride.

You may not think yourself as prideful, but ask yourself this, “Am I humble? Do I walk in His love, His grace, His forgiveness? Do I allow God to lead and teach me?”

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